Intensive Teeth Whitening Cure (2024)

DiamondSmile® BleachingKitis a professional all-in-one teeth whitening system developed by dentists and engineers. The system includes the world's most advanced teeth whitening serum and the best power LED technology, making teeth brighter in just 10 minutes of use. Unlike many other systems, we work with a professional formula that does not harm the tooth enamel.

Over 110,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Through our continuous research and development since 2006, the teeth whitening kit is a very reliable teeth whitening system. No dentist visit or prescription required. The teeth whitening kit includes 6 to 9 applications. The DiamondSmile® Teeth Whitening Kit has been tested and approved inUnited Kingdom.

Removes stains anddiscolourationcaused by food, stimulants & age. This includesdiscolourationcaused by: Coffee, wine, tobacco, tea,fizzy drinks, sweets, and antibiotics.

Simple, safe, and effective. The most advanced at-home teeth whitening kit. Recommended by experts. Whiter teeth in just 10 minutes of use.

When placing your order, you can choose between the two available shipping methods: Standard Shipping and Epxress Shipping.

You can choose between free Standard Shipping (delivery time 3-6 business days) and Express Shipping (delivery time 2-4 business days). Express shipping costs 4,95€.

Our delivery times may vary. Once we receive your order, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for your package to leave our mail order house. Once a day, we send all open orders by DHL.

Is teeth whitening better at the dentist?

Home whitening kits as well as the expensive dentist whitening can lead to similar results. The effectiveness of glycerin-based tooth whitening depends primarily on two factors: The concentration of glycerin and the time the active ingredient is in contact with the teeth. DiamondSmile uses the maximum amount of glycerin allowed in Germany in the Teeth Whitening Bleaching Set to whiten the teeth.

Dentists usually use the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both can severely attack the enamel and gums and cause pain.

How long do teeth stay white after application?

The whitening effect from the whitening kit usually lasts for 1 to 2 years. After the application you should continue to take good care of your teeth. It is also advisable to limit discolouring foods such as coffee and tea. Also, smoking should be avoided to guarantee lasting results. If the effect fades, you can always get new whitening gel for your whitening kit from us.

How does the home teeth whitening kit work?.

To whiten teeth, the active ingredient glycerin is used, which reaches the enamel through the power LED activation technology. The oxygen molecules of the bleaching agent touch the discoloured molecules on the tooth, causing them to dissolve and revealing the natural white colour of the tooth.

Improve and prolong the bleaching effect with our activated charcoal. By using it before bleaching, the teeth become even brighter, as the activated charcoal can already remove coarse discolourations. In addition, the bleaching effect is prolonged by weekly use of activated carbon.

Is the whitening kit safe?

The DiamondSmile whitening set has been approved, tested, and certified in Germany (certificates: CE, FDA, ISO, MSDS). The concentration of the active ingredient glycerin was chosen so that you can expect a maximum whitening effect without endangering your tooth enamel. For the best possible application, we recommend that you follow the instructions in the whitening kit. It is also advisable to visit your dentist for a professional teeth clean and advice on whether your teeth are suitable for a home bleaching set.

How do I apply the set?

To best apply the whitening kit, you should follow these instructions:

1. Carefully brush teeth with toothpaste

2. Remove the thin plastic disc between the batteries

3. Attach the mouthpiece to the LED light

4. Spread 1/4 of the gel on the top and 1/4 on the bottom of the mouthpiece

5. Put it in your mouth and turn on the light

6. Wait 10 to 20 minutes before turning off the light

7. Rinse mouth with warm water

8. Smile!

Are batteries included with the light?

The Power LED light uses button cells (CR2450), which are included. For safety reasons, we had to put a thin plastic disc between the battery and the button to break contact.

Why do we work without peroxides?

Peroxides are highly acidic and will attack your teeth, enamel and gums. This usually makes your teeth hypersensitive and can cause irritation. For this reason we do not use peroxides in our products.

How does the teeth whitening set work?

Our teeth whitening kit uses a professional formula and advanced technology to remove stains from your teeth. It consists of a special whitening gel and an LED light that helps activate the gel. The combination of gel and light effectively whitens the teeth.

Is the teeth whitening set safe for my teeth?

Yes, the teeth whitening kit is safe for your teeth when used as directed. The special formula is gentle on teeth and enamel while still effectively removing stains. However, it is important to follow the recommended application time and frequency for best results and to protect the health of your teeth.

Can I use the tooth whitening set on sensitive teeth?

Yes, the tooth whitening set is also suitable for sensitive teeth. The formula is designed to provide gentle whitening while minimizing discomfort or sensitivity. However, if you suffer from severe sensitivities, we recommend consulting your dentist before use.

Intensive Teeth Whitening Cure (2024)
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